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Garlando protective cover "Deluxe"

This product is currently not available.

Universalus Garlando stalo uždangalas su tvirtinimais prie kojų, tinkantis įvairių tipų Garlando ir kitų gamintojų futbolo stalams.

Price: 40,00 €
Product Description

Protective cover use indoors:

Use the protective cover if you wont be using your table for a while. It will protect the table from dust and other dirt, which can pollute the playing field, rods, bearings what will result in poor sliding properties and the chromium layer on the rods will wear off faster.

Standard equipment of  indoor use tables does not include protective cover, it can be ordered separately.

Protective cover use outdoors:

Made from water resistant material, it will provide a good protection against light rain, dew, dust and other undesirable factors. Don’t leave your table with the cover under direct sunlight, as well as under heavy rain. This protective cover isn’t a diving suit, it can only help to protect :)