A great way to make your party more fun - table football. We offer different, but only highest quality tables for rent and playing on these tables will undoubtedly give you a lot of positive emotions. Rental prices differ depending on model, amount of tables you want to rent and amount of days you will need the table.

"Garlando Open Air"

An amateur table which is very transportation friendly. A budget table which can be transported and assembled on your own.



"Garlando Master Champion"

A high class, sport ITSF Garlando table for more experienced players


"Garlando Olympic Silver/Outdoor arba Coperto"

Suitable for big parties and playing outside. The table is equiped with illumination. The glass secures the playfield from liquid spills and other suprises.


We can rent these tables set for free play or with coin/token mechanisms.


"Bonzini B90 ITSF"

A classy French-made table of prime quality. Aluminium players and professional ball ensures the maximum control of the game.



"Garlando XXL"

Suitable for children and adults' parties. Designed for 8 players!










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Some of out tables are very heavy, have to be transported carefully and do not fit in daily car.

We can deliver them for additional price.


The price depends on the model of the table and the amount of tables.



We can deliver our tables to every city of Lithuania and Latvia.

The price of delivery and assembly depends of the model and amount of tables.

You can pick up our tables from our headquarters (Paupio g. 46, Vilnius)


○ If you rent a foosball table and decide to buy one of the tables we sell, you get the rent for free!

○ We provide consultations, teach how to play foosball, help to organize tournaments.



Group table (7 positions)
Single elimination scheme (16 positions)
Double elimination scheme (16 positions)
Double elimination scheme (32 positions)


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