FOOS-SHOP is a specialised table soccer shop, where you can find foosball tables, equipment and accessories, used by us at Foosin and acknowledged worldwide. We play table soccer ourselves, so you can expect from us a valuable advice and lessons. We pride ourselves on knowing table soccer inside out and we are willing to share this knowledge with our customers.

- We are an official distributor of Garlando, Bonzini and Roberto Sport.
- We offer service and repair for foosball tables and their equipment.
- We rent foosball tables for personal use and events.
- We organise foosball tournaments, training and corporate events.
- We manage commercial foosball tables at public places: bars, universities, cafes, recreation centres.
- We certify and serve money calculators in commercial foosball tables.
- We support public, sports and other social, non-profit initiatives.


More about Foosin

Having started our work along with the first signs of table football in Lithuania in 2007, we are one of the pioneers of foosball in our country. Since the beginning of our work, we have been collaborating with the National Table Soccer Federation (NSFF), helping to organise tournaments and supporting NSFF with foosball equipment. In 2008, we brought first commercial football tables to Lithuania's bars and kicked off with Foosin Bar League. The fruit of our joint work was a rapidly spreading table football "virus" and a community of professional players in Lithuania. In recognition to our work, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) gave Lithuania two awards – for progress in the development of sport in the country and our players' sporting achievements in the international arena. To ensure availability of high-quality foosball, we opened FOOS-SHOP, a specialised online store, where we carry foosball tables and other accessories by globally recognised manufacturers.

In addition to FOOS-SHOP, we manage ITSF-recognized Foosin table football club in Vilnius and support players from Team Foosin. We also actively support student table soccer championships, non-profit table soccer tournaments and other foosball development initiatives, actively carrying out our mission of foosball promotion.

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