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Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Football Table

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Outdoor version of classic G-500 model

Price: 830,00 €
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Product Description

This is the first all-weather football table from Garlando, created to satisfy the requirements of all those wishing to play their favourite game in an outdoor place. G-500 Weatherproof is constructed to stand outdoor in all weather conditions, using special components and materials such as water-resistant glues and stainless steel parts treated with tropical anti-rust treatments.
Recommended for gardens, playgrounds, beaches, camping-sites, fun-fairs and other outdoor areas.

  • Cabinet manufactured in 30mm thick water proof plywood coated with plastic laminate using a special water proof adhesive for perfect sealing.
  • Strong 9 x 9cm square section metal legs coated with water-proof varnish.
  • High stress resistance telescopic steel bars coated with anti-rust chromium-plating.
  • Nylon bushes with anti-rust steel ball bearings: they will not rust and allow high speed action, smoother play and reduced wear and tear.
  • Football players in unbreakable moplen plastic moulded onto the bars.
  • Football playfield is water-resistent plywood covered with plastic laminate using special water proof adhesive for perfect sealing.
  • Plastic score counters in colours matching the football players.
  • Easy and immediate football retrieval through a ball pocket behind each goal.
  • Bolts, nuts and screws with anti-rust tropical treatment.
  • 10 white plastic footballs supplied with table.
  • Water-proof protective cover supplied.
Parameters of Product
Parameters of Product: Futbolo stalas
Dimensions (length/width/height) 143 / 76 / 88 cm
Width with solid/telescopic bars 125 / 110 cm
Legs Metal 9 x 9 cm
Leg levellers No.
Weight 75 kg
Cabinet material,colour Marine plywood coated in plastic laminate and stucked together with waterproof glue.
Cabinet thickness 30 mm
Rods, diameter/wall thickness Solid - 16x2,2 mm or telescopic - 16x2,2 mm.
Roller bearings Metal.
Handles Plastic.
Players Moplen, red - yellow or white - blue.
Playing field dimensions 120 x 70,5cm cm
Playing field surface Laminate.
Ball container Behind each goal mouth.
Includes 10 standard balls.
Warranty 3 years.

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