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Garlando F-100 Football Table

Price and quality performer with 16mm rods

360,00 €
Garlando F-200 Football Table

A football table for the whole family with great performances

445,00 €
Garlando F-200 Evolution Football Table

Semi-professional table for beginners

460,00 €
Garlando Master PRO Football Table

Garlando model for reduced storage, with foldable legs.

500,00 €
Garlando G-500 butchers block football table

The most popular G-series foosball table

570,00 €
Garlando Open Air Football Table

Water repellent table with foldable legs.

580,00 €
Mater Pro Weatherproof foosball table

A weatherproof football table with a sleek line and foldable legs for room saving for outdoor summer use and easy winter storage.

600,00 €
Garlando G-500 Evolution Football Table

The most popular Garlando table with new features and look.

605,00 €
Garlando G-500 Pure White Football table

The most popular Garlando G-500 series table in white.

635,00 €
Garlando Foldy Evolution Football Table

Sporty version of Foldy - the foldable table from Garlando

660,00 €
Garlando Pro Champion Football Table

The official ITSF football table for training

675,00 €
Garlando G-2000 Weatherproof futbolo stalas

Garlando G-2000 Weatherproof – modelis, skirtas naudojimui lauko sąlygomis.

750,00 €
Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Football Table

Outdoor version of classic G-500 model

750,00 €
Garlando G-5000 Football Table

Exclusive top of the line G-series table

850,00 €
Garlando G-5000 Evolution Football Table

G-5000 Evolution - another fine example of Italian manufacturer's Garlando work.

875,00 €
Garlando Special Champion Football Table

Official ITSF competition table for people in wheelchairs.

930,00 €
Garlando Image Football Table

A mirror-like football table

950,00 €
Garlando Master Champion Football Table

Official ITSF table for training and competitions.

985,00 €
Garlando EXCLUSIVE futbolo stalas

Išskirtinio dizaino futbolo stalas Exliusive, turintiems ypatingą stiliaus skonį ir ieškantiems geriausio.

1 140,00 €

Results 1 - 19 of 19